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Campus Planning Documents

Spring 2010 Materials

Spring 2010 Academic Pandemic Planning Reminder – Dec. 17, 2009

This memo from Sarah Van Orman, chair of the Campus Health Issues Planning Committee, provides information and reminders to deans and departments as they plan for the Spring 2010 semester

Continuity of Instruction for Departments: Coding Essential Courses in ISIS for Spring Semester 2010 — Dec. 17, 2009

This memo from the Office of the Registrar Curricular Services provides guidance on identifying and coding essential and social distance ready courses in ISIS.

Fall 2009 Materials

Facemask and N95 Respirator Recommendations — Oct. 7, 2009: UW-Madison has released a set of recommendations outlining the appropriate purchase and use of facemasks and N95 respirators on campus. This document also references a separate document, Infection Control Guidelines for All UW-Madison Workplaces.

Appendix E and F — Sept. 16, 2009: This document includes two checklists to be completed by UW-Madison Departments.

Appendix E, the Departmental Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist, is for all departments to complete.

Appendix F, Instructional Planning, is intended for academic departments.

For details about completing Appendix E and F, see the “Unit Planning” heading below. Department plans and documents should be submitted to by Sept. 30.

  • Academic Pandemic Planning Guidance — June 19, 2009
    A memo from the Office of the Provost to academic departments regarding the development of a continuity of instruction, or social-distance teaching plan.
  • Instruction in Time of Pandemic — Aug. 26, 2009
    This online resource, at the UW Teaching and Learning Excellence Web site, contains suggestions for how to teach under conditions of social distancing. The site, comprised of contributions from the UW instructional community, suggests activities and technologies for a variety of common teaching practices. The site also allows faculty and staff to post ideas, resources and comments.
  • Guidance for Departmental Planning for Continuing Instruction — July 31, 2009
    This document provides help to departments who are developing how they will continue instruction for their essential courses in the event of a flu pandemic.  You can think of it as the “cliff note” version of the instructions contained in the documents “Unit Pandemic Influenza Planning” and “Academic Pandemic Planning Guidance.”
  • Preparing Your Course for Social Distance Teaching — Aug. 27, 2009
    This document provides help to instructors who are developing their social distance teaching plans.  It “walks through” a variety of decisions you will need to make, provides several examples, and provides links to example syllabi.

Unit planning

  • Unit Pandemic Influenza Planning — June 19, 2009
    This memo, from Sarah Van Orman, chair of the Campus Health Issues Planning Committee and executive director of University Health Services, addresses questions and offers assistance to campus units in preparing their pandemic influenza plans.

What You Can Do About the Flu (PDF)

General questions about UW–Madison's response to flu issues? E-mail Pandemic Info Hub for answers.

Need urgent medical advice?
Students: Call UHS at (608) 265-5600

Faculty, staff: Contact your health care provider